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Nice Apollo Era One 4-Channel Transmitter with Visor Clip

Nice Apollo Era One 4-Channel Transmitter with Visor Clip
The stylish Era One 4-channel transmitter uses data processing and recognition systems that increase its degree of security, delivering a threefold reduction in automation response time.

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Unlock your gate with the new Era One! The Era One 4-channel transmitter by Nice Apollo brings a smart, sophisticated style to the way you open your gate. A 433.92 MHz rolling code transmitter with management of identity codes and certificates, it is self-learning with a built-in proximity receiver. With 72 bit O-Code encoding, it is also compatible with Nice Flor encoding receivers.

If you've ever been frustrated programming remote controls, have no fear! By using a transmitter already programmed to the receiver, it memorizes the data via an enabling code between the two, making programming a simple process.

The Era One uses data processing and recognition systems that increase its degree of security, delivering a threefold reduction in automation response time. Attach the Era One transmitter to your keys, or fix it to your car visor with the included visor clip.

Please Note: This transmitter will ONLY work with receivers purchased in the United States. Even if your receiver has the same frequency as the US version, this transmitter will NOT work with ANY receivers purchased outside of the USA.

Carrier Frequency
433.92 MHz

Estimated Range
Outdoors: 656 ft
Inside Building: 115 ft

O-Code 72 bit rolling code

Power Supply
Type CR2032 lithium battery

Battery Life
2 years (with 10 transmissions per day)

Protection Class
IP40 (use in protected environments)

1.7" W x 2.1" H x 0.4" D
0.02 lbs 

Additional Information

Solar Package Yes
Manufacturer Nice Apollo Gate Operators
Condition New
Warranty Two Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

Nice Apollo Era One 4-Channel Transmitter with Visor Clip