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Having all of the data and information you need for your next gate project is important. Whether you're looking to install a new gate opener system or modify an existing one, we offer the perfect option to ensure an easy installation and a finished product that will deliver outstanding performance for years to come. We also offer a wealth of valuable, informative resources that will help you plan for, order, install and maintain your gate operator system.

Manuals And Specification Sheets

Click here for installation manuals and specification sheets for products ranging from solar panels and photo eyes to swing gate operators and actuators.

Installation Gallery

Seeing how a gate opener or barrier arm looks in the field can help you visualize how it would fit in your application. This gallery shows images from Apollo Gate Openers customers who have installed one of our top-notch gate opener systems. See how our amazing Apollo products fit in a wide range of settings.

Troubleshooting Resources

These helpful technical bulletins provide answers and explanations for common issues that may arise in the installation, use and maintenance of our Nice Apollo Gate Openers and accessories.

UL 325 Standards

UL 325 Safety Standards are an important metric for all types of products. Here, you can learn more about these standards and how they apply to our Nice Apollo products.

Product Comparisons

If you're trying to decide between our outstanding Nice Apollo Gate Openers but aren't sure which one is best for your application, we offer product comparisons between the Nice Apollo Gate Opener 1500 and Nice Apollo Gate Opener 1550 to the new Nice Apollo Gate Opener 1550-1k here.

You can also compare the Nice Apollo Gate Opener 1600 and the Nice Apollo Gate Opener 1650 to the new Nice Apollo Gate Opener 1650-1K.

Control Board Replacements

When replacing a control board, it's important to be sure that you use a compatible replacement board for your system. This helpful table will show you the specific replacement control board you need and the different systems with which it's compatible.

A Closer Look At The Nice Flor-S Transmitter

The Nice Flor-S transmitter by Nice Gate Openers is one of the most versatile gate remote transmitters on the market. It's exclusively designed to control automation systems such as gates and doors. Learn more about this top-notch transmitter and how it fits into your next application.

SwingSmartCNX and SlideSmartCNX Gate Operator Installation Videos

If you're a visual learner, then our informative installation videos for our SwingSmartCNX and SlideSmartCNX Gate Operators are an amazing resource. Watch these helpful videos as they walk you step by step through the installation process, ensuring your gate operator is installed properly and is ready to use and transform your door or gate system.

Introducing the Inti Transmitter

It may be small in size, but the Into Transmitter will have a large impact on your gate opener system. Measuring just 1.2" x 2.2", this colorful, two-button transmitter puts the power and control in your hands. Find out more about how the Inti is perfect for your next project.

120° Installation Demonstration

For applications that require a gate to open wider and faster than normal, we offer multiple gate opener models. Learn more about how to perform a complete 120° Installation for a gate that not only meets your demands, but exceeds them.