Manuals And Specifications

Sift through a wide variety of installation manuals and specification sheets for products ranging from solar panels and photo eyes, to swing gate operators and actuators.

Troubleshooting Resources

Some problems are common, check out our technical bulletins and see if we can solve the issue together.

Need To See Product Comparisons?

Compare the Nice Apollo Gate Opener 1500 & the Nice Apollo Gate Opener 1550 to the new Nice Apollo Gate Opener 1550-1k here.

Compare the Nice Apollo Gate Opener 1600 & the Nice Apollo Gate Opener 1650 to the new Nice Apollo Gate Opener 1650-1K here.

Control Board Replacements

Replacing an old Apollo Control Board is easy, check out our table on boards and compatible systems so you order the one right for your system..

A Closer Look At The Nice Flor-S Transmitter

The Nice Flor-S transmitter by Nice Gate Openers is one of the most versatile gate remote transmitters on the market. Get the details on this transmitter and order yours today!

120° Installation Demonstration

Allow your gate to open wider and a little faster than in a normal installation. View our demonstration for a 120° Installation.

Upgrading An Apollo Control Board

The Apollo 633/634 Control Boards are replaced by the 635/636, see photos up close to determine which board you need.

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