What Remotes Do I Need With My Operator?

If you own a Nice Apollo gate opener, you may not have a transmitter/remote or need a replacement one. Knowing which transmitter suits your operator can be confusing. Thankfully, if you already purchased a package with an Apollo Nice gate opener that includes a transmitter, this transmitter is compatible with your gate opener. But, if you want to buy these items separately, you must know what transmitter is compatible with your operator. This quick guide will help you see what transmitter goes with your gate opener.

Transmitters And Compatible Gate Openers

Remember that some remotes are built-in with the operator. First, check your manual to see what transmitter goes with your operator. Remember that this is just a general guide; your manual will have more detailed information.

Nice Apollo Manuals

Nice Apollo ON2E/A Era One 2-Channel Transmitter With Visor Clip

A popular option is the Era One transmitter, which is a 2-channel transmitter that has a built-in proximity receiver. This 433.92 MHz rolling code transmitter also has 72-bit o-code encoding. Along with this, the transmitter will only work with receivers purchased in the United States.

Transmitter Compatible With:

  • 1050 Swing Gate Opener
  • 1500 Swing Gate Opener
  • 1600 Swing Gate Opener
  • 310 Mercury Control Board With 816 Linear Actuator Swing Gate Opener
  • 912L Linear Actuator Swing Gate Opener With 310 Mercury Control Board
  • 3500ETL-1K Vanguard 3501 Swing Gate Opener

Key Features:

  • Carrier Frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Range: Outdoors (656 Ft.) Inside Building (115 Ft.)
  • Encoding: O-Code 72-Bit Rolling Code
  • Power Supply: 3 VDC And CR2032 Lithium Battery
  • Battery Life: 2-Years (When 10 Transmissions Are Done Per Day)
  • Protection Class: IP40 (When In Protected Environment)
  • Dimensions: 1.7" W x 2.1" H x 0.4" D
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How Do I Program An Era One Transmitter?

If you have questions about programming any ERA/One transmitter, please watch the following videos for more clarification.

Other Era One Transmitters That Will Work With Apollo Gate Openers?

Since the Nice Apollo ON2E/A Era One 2-Channel Transmitter has a carrier frequency of 433.92 MHz, other remotes with this frequency should work with your Nice Apollo gate opener.

Some other transmitters to consider include:

Summit Control Ridge Remote Transmitter

If you purchased a gate opener kit with a Ridge-433 Wireless Keypad, consider using the Summit Control Ridge Remote Transmitter. This transmitter is compatible with the Summit Control Ridge 2.0 – Intelligent Transceiver.

Key Features:

  • Operating Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Two Buttons Can Control Two Transceivers
  • Momentary And latch Relay Operation Modes
  • Wireless Operating Range: 200 Feet
  • LED Feedback
  • Included CR2032 Battery
  • Made With Polycarbonate Construction
  • Metal Visor Clip
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Compatible Transmitters For Nice Apollo Gate Openers

If you are unsure which transmitter is compatible with your gate opener, do not hesitate to contact our sales team today. We will help steer you in the right direction and provide a transmitter alternative if you have misplaced or broken yours.

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