Nice Apollo 912L Dual AC Swing Gate Opener Full Package w/ Mercury 310 Control Board, Keypad, & Exit System

Use this Linear Nice Apollo 310TITANDUAL-FULLPACKAGE dual swing gate opener kit to offer a complete gate setup for dual gates. This kit has everything you need to install your linear actuator, including a 404C Automatic 1-1/2 Amp Battery Charger, two 912L Titan actuators, and an ON2E/A transmitter.
$2,395.40 each
$2,395.40 each
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Nice Apollo 912L Dual AC Swing Gate Opener Full Package w/ Mercury 310 Control Board, Keypad, & Exit System

Everything you need to install a linear actuator with an added Mercury 310 controller kit is included in this linear package. This swing gate opener can open and close gates up to 20 feet long and 1000 pounds in weight. It is quiet, smoothly closes, and functions well in any weather. Depending on its length, your gate's opening and shutting timings can range from 14 to 16 seconds. This kit includes an added 404C Automatic 1-1/2 Amp Battery Charger.

With a new Mercury 310 Control Board, you can benefit from a UL325 safety-compliant controller that can be used with residential linear swing gate actuators. Even a novice can install it because of its simple setup interface. Complete UL325 compliance is achieved by the Mercury 310 thanks to its sophisticated safety features and automation. Two integrated accessory connectors allow it to work with 10K Monitored External Entrapment or BlueBus sensors.

Package Includes:

  • (2) Titan 912L-1 Actuator Arm
  • (1) 404C Automatic 1-1/2 Amp Battery Charger
  • (1) S-14-500 Wireless Digital Keypad and Transceiver
  • (1) CP4-100 Cartell Self-Contained Free Exit System
  • (1) OXIBD/A 4-Channel, 433MHz Plug-In Receiver
  • (1) ON2E/A Era One 2-Channel Transmitter With Visor Clip
  • (1) Mercury 310 UL 325 Residential Smart Control Board
  • (1) SolarBOX310 Black Powder-Coated Steel Controller Box With Lid

Key Features:

  • Maximum Gate Length: 20 Ft.
  • Maximum Gate Weight: 1000 Lb.
  • ETL Listed (UL 325): Usage Class I, II
  • Three-Year Manufacterer's Warranty
  • Open/Close Time: 14-16 Seconds
  • Electromechanical Drive: Quiet, Field-Repairable, and Powerful
  • Created For Single Swing Gate Applications

Technical Specifications:

  • Drive: Electromechanical
  • Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Accessory Power: Regulated 12V 500mA Always On (2 Locations); Regulated 12V 500mA Standby Off (2 Locations)
  • Communication: BlueBUS, USB, OXI
  • User Controls: Mercury 310 Controller
  • Relays: None
  • Arm Dimensions: Total Length - 42.2" Retracted; 66" Extended
  • Control Box Dimensions: 18" W x 18" H x 8" D
  • Control Board Dimensions: 7.3" W x 7.2" H x 1.2" D
  • External Entrapment Sensors: BlueBUS and 10K Monitored Sensors
  • Operating Temperature: -4 Degrees to 122 Degrees F

OXIBD/A Reciver Manual

OXIBD/A Receiver Programming Guide

ON2E/A Transmitter Manual

ON2E/A Transmitter Specifications

Mercury 310 Control Board Specifications

Mercury 310 Control Board Manual

Free Exit System Manual

Free Exit System Specifications

Name Nice Apollo 912L Dual AC Swing Gate Opener Full Package w/ Mercury 310 Control Board, Keypad, & Exit System
Board Type Mercury 310
Operator Model Brand Titan 310 Dual
Gate Arm Type Titan
Input Voltage 12 DC
Usage Class I, II
Single or Dual Operator Dual
Compatible Power Source AC Charged
Actuator Voltage 12 DC
Maximum Gate Weight 1000 lbs.
Max Gate Opening 8 ft. - 20 ft.*
Manufacturer Nice Apollo Gate Operators
Condition New
Kit Includes Battery Charger, Exit Wand, Gate Opener, Keypad, Receiver, Transmitter
Price $2,395.40

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