Nice Apollo M7BAR M-Bar Commercial Electromechanical Automatic Barrier Gate Opener for up to 23 ft Barrier Arms (White)

The M7BAR is the new barrier gate operator from Nice Apollo, capable of handling barrier arms up to 16.5 ft, 19.7 ft, or 23 ft, including an XBA16 foundation plate kit and comes in a steel case with protective cataphoresis treatment and paint finish.
Part Number: M7BAR

$3,169.50 each


Nice Apollo M7BAR M-Bar Commercial Electromechanical Automatic Barrier Gate Opener for up to 23 ft Barrier Arms (White)

BCU1 Control Board (New Style)
  • XBA16 Foundation Plate Kit, Including Plate and Four 1/2" J-Anchors
  • Key Features:

    • Built-In BCU1 Controller
    • 24VDC Barrier Gate Operator
    • Designed For Operating Barrier Arms 16 ft to 23 ft Long
    • No Blackouts: Optional Battery Backup Available To Maintain Operation In Case Power Failure
    • Energy Saving: Automatically Switches To Standby Mode When Idle
    • Smooth Movement Throughout Full Cycle - Limit Sensing Integrated In Adjustable Hard Stops
    • Optional Flashing Traffic Light Can Be Integrated Into Cover
    • Obstacle Detection Reverses Arm On Contact
    • Dual Gate Pairing Through Primary / Secondary Communication


    Barrier arms are easily assembled using the aluminum expansion joint. The M-Bar series also has the possibility for intelligent control of two opposing operators thanks to it's master/slave functions.

    Strong & Reliable:

    The Nice Apollo M-Bar barrier gate operators are constructed in a steel structure with new high strength balancing springs guaranteeing up to 1,000,000 opening and closing operations. The M-Bar also includes an elliptical section bar with high wind resistance.

    Safety in Programming & Maintenance:

    There are separate enclosures inside an M-Bar system for electronics and mechanical parts to protect internal parts from potential damage.

    Quick & Easy Control Unit Access:

    The control unit is located in the upper section of the M-Bar barrier gate opener body to allow for easy access. Specially designed enclosures allow simple attachment of photocells to the barrier operator cabinet

    Increased Safety:

    Obstacle detection & monitoring during automation movement makes this barrier gate operator extremely safe. Automatic fault diagnostics during operation with signalling of the fault type through specific flash sequences. The M-Bar also has provision for connection of latest generation optical and resistive sensitive edges.

    Energy Saver:

    The system sets to standby when not in use to greatly lower power consumption.

    Blackout Free:

    The M-Bar barrier gate opener features emergency backup power with the optional batteries housed inside the case.

    M7BAR Technical Specifications:

    • Max Arm Length: 16 ft to 23 ft
    • Field Adjustable Open/Close Time: 6 - 10 sec.
    • Full Open Angle: Adjustable Up To 90° (Recommended Limit 87°)
    • Protection Rating: IP44
    • Orientation: Universal - Field Adaptable For Left or Right Hand Installations
    • Arm Design: Aluminum Arm With Red Adhesive Reflector and Optional Lights/Bumper Strips
    • Duty Cycle: 200 Cycles/Hour
    • Drive: Electromechanical
    • Operating Voltage: 24VDC
    • Input Voltage: 120VAC 60/50Hz
    • Idle Current: 1.1mA
    • Operating Temperature: -4°F to 122°F
    • Communication Method: Optional Oview Programmer, OVBT
    • User Controls: BCU1 Control Board
    • Relays: 4 Programmable Voltage Outputs
    • Finish: Cataphoretic Coating and Paint Finish
    • ETL Listed (UL 325): Usage Class - I, II, III, IV
    • Cycle Tested: 1 Million Cycles


    All Nice Gate Operaters have a two-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. The two-year warranty will start from the time of shipment from Hysecurity. A three-year limited time warranty is offered for registered gate operators. Gate operators will be registered through DF Supply Inc. at the time of purchase and the three-year limited time warranty will be effective after the date of installation.

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    MBAR Base Detail

    Name Nice Apollo M7BAR M-Bar Commercial Electromechanical Automatic Barrier Gate Opener for up to 23 ft Barrier Arms (White)
    Board Type BCU1
    Operator Model Brand Apollo M-Bar (BCU1)
    Usage Class I, II, III, IV
    Manufacturer Nice Apollo Gate Operators
    Condition New
    Warranty Two Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
    Price $3,169.50