Compare Apollo Linear Actuator Kits

Option Model 1500
Model 1550ETL-1K Titan 12L
Auto Reverse Sensitivity X X X
Auto Reverse Sensitivity - Adjustable X X X
Auto Reverse Sensitivity - Self-Adjusting   X X
Auto Close Delay - Adjustable X X X
Dual Gate Delay - Adjustable   X X
Emergency Bypass X X X
Timer to Close X X X
Timer to Close Option X X X
Slave Disable X X X
3 Button Station Enable X X X
Adjustable Lock Type   X X
Coast Enable   X X
Free Exit Option X X X
Learn Mode   X X
Intelligent Actuator Enable   X X
Microprocessor   X X
Soft Start   X X
Soft Stop   X X
Computer Connection   X X
Gatelink Software Option   X X
Delay for Siren, etc   X X
12V Fuse Protected Power Outputs For:
Radio Receivers X X X
Keypads X X X
Misc Options X X X
Peripheral Inputs:
Free Exit X X X
Safety Loop X X X
Shadow Loop X X X
Firebox   X X
Monitor Lights   X X
Lock   X X
Siren   X X
Strobe   X X
Edge X X X
3 Button Station X X X
Telephone Entry X X X
Photoeye X X X
Advanced Circuit Board Features
Plug In Receiver   X X
Programmable Connections to Accessories   X  
Built in Solar Regulator   X X
Integrated 10 Day Timer   X  
Protection Against Electric Shocks   X  
Master/Slave Management X X X
Innovative Obstacle Detection System X X X
Smart Battery Charging Management   X X
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