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Part Diagram Nice Apollo Replacement Limit Switch for 4300 and 4500 Swing Gate Openers - SPLSM00300 Lock and Key for 4300/4500/8300/8500 models - SPREG00300 Motor Gearbox, 1/2 hp and 1 hp Motors for 4300/4500/8300/8500 - SPAMG039B00 Motor Kit 1 hp for 4500/8500 models - NAKM001 Nice Apollo 1050i Universal Smart Control Board for Swing/Slide Gate Openers

*** The following products have been discontinued: ***

  • Toriod Kit - SPEG001A00A
  • Switch Box - 10055710
  • Power Supply - NCO-PWRSUP
  • Motor Kit 1/2hp - NAKM002
  • Gearbox, Release/Limit - SPLSM00201
  • Rear Cover - PPD2263SW
  • Board, Control - 1050US
  • Front Cover - PPD2202

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