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Nice Apollo 1050i Universal Smart Control Board

Nice Apollo 1050i Universal Smart Control Board
The 1050 universal control board for Apollo gate openers offers cutting-edge access solutions, including a 7-day timer, master/slave management for two control units working together, and protection against electric shocks.

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Nice 1050i Universal Smart Control Board.

The Nice Apollo 1050 Control Board works on the following Models:

  • Nice Apollo 1550 (1551)
  • Nice Apollo 1650 
  • Nice Apollo 3500 (3501)
  • Nice Apollo 3600
    Nice Apollo 7000*
    Nice Apollo 7100*
    Nice Apollo 7200 (7251) **
  • Nice Apollo 7300 (7351)*
  • Nice Apollo NT-T5
  • Nice Apollo NT-T7
  • Nice Apollo NT-M12ETL
  • Nice Apollo NT-H12ETL
  • Nice Apollo 4300SW
  • Nice Apollo 4500SW
  • Nice Apollo 8300SL
  • Nice Apollo 8500SL
  • Nice Apollo 1724
  • Nice Apollo 1824
    Nice Apollo Titan12L1

Cutting-edge solutions:
• LCD display for easy programming,diagnosting and troubleshooting
• New-innovative obstacle detection system which distinguishes impact vs dragging force
• Plug-in receiver: up to 1,000 rolling-code transmitters, with more than 2X range than industry standard
• Smart management of the battery charge
• 7 day timer
• Master/slave management for two control units working together
• Protection against electric shocks
• Programmable connections to external accessories such as lights, keypads, etc.
• Compatible with all Apollo and Nice operator
Please Note: Mounting the control board may vary depending on opener, brackets may be need to be ordered. 

Currently Shipping Nice Apollo 1050i Control Boards (International Version Non UL)


** Please note that older version of the 7200 the 1050 board will work, but will not mount to the box. A new sproket will also be needed 40BS13 .
* Old models of the 7000 seires will need a new sprocket  40BS13

Additional Information

SKU 1050
Operator Compatibility Apollo 1550-1K, Apollo 1550ETL, Apollo 1551, Apollo 1650-1K, Apollo 1650ETL, Apollo 1651, Apollo 1712, Apollo 1724, Apollo 1812, Apollo 1824, Apollo 3500ETL, Apollo 3600ETL, Apollo 4300, Apollo 4500, Apollo 7200ETL, Apollo 7300ETL, Apollo 8300, Apollo 8500, Apollo NT-H12ETL, Apollo NT-M12ETL, Apollo NT-T51K, Apollo NT-T5ETL, Apollo NT-T71K, Apollo NT-T7ETL, Apollo Titan12L, Apollo Titan12L1
Control Board Compatibility 1050, 936, 833, 834, 835, 836
Manufacturer Nice Apollo Gate Operators
Condition New
Warranty Two Year Manufacture Limited Warranty

Nice Apollo 1050i Universal Smart Control Board