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Part Diagram Nice Apollo 10038315 Bracket, Post Mount Plate Nice Apollo 10024290 Toggle Switch Assembly for 3500/3600 Nice Apollo 10031490 3500 Cover Box - Black Nice Apollo 72510000 Bearing, Flange, 4-Bolt, 1 1/4 Nice Apollo 10041715 Top Chassis for 3500 Nice Apollo 10041815 Chassis, Bottom Nice Apollo 10028290 Surge Board Bracket for 3500 and 3600 Nice Apollo 10024190 Limit Block Assembly for 3500/3600 Nice Apollo 75590013 Replacement Surge Board Nice Apollo 10021490 Collar and Magnet Assembly for 3500/3600 Nice Apollo 10041615 Spacer, Motor Plate F/ 3500 SG Nice Apollo 10040690 Torque Limiter for 3500 Nice Apollo 50B14 Sprocket, 50BS14 X 1 F/3500 Nice Apollo 73090005 Gear Motor - 3500/3600 Motor Nice Apollo 10052490 Sub Assembly Limit F/3500

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