M5BAR Parts

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Part Diagram Nice Apollo  XBA21 Arm Cap Kit Assembly Set Nice M3/M5/M7/L9BAR Nice Apollo Spare Control Unit for M-Bar and L-Bar Barrier Gate Openers - BCU1 Nice Apollo XBA9 Expansion Joint for L-Bar and M-Bar Barrier Gate Openers Nice Apollo Limit Assembly MBAR - 20000110 Nice Apollo Medium Synchronized Photo Eye Pair w/ BlueBUS Technology (fixed) - EPMB/A Nice Apollo XBA16 Anchorage Base with Clamps for M-Bar Gate Openers

*** Nice Apollo Photo Eyes, Through Beam, Medium Non-Adjustable w/ BlueBUS MBAR/LBAR (EPMB-A) and XBA3/U Replacement Control Board (XBA3) have been discontinued. ***

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