Why Is My Gate Stuck Open?

Gate Opener With Chain Link With Red Slats

Nothing is more frustrating than having your automatic gate not work properly. It is not only a big inconvenience but also a large security risk to your home or business. Below we have compiled a few common reasons why your gate might be stuck in the open position and, hopefully, help you determine what is wrong to get everything running smoothly again.

Debris In Your Gate Path

The most common reason for your automatic gate system to be stuck in the open position is often due to debris caught in its path. Items like leaves, rocks, twigs, and even weeds can throw off the run of your gate and prevent it from closing. To ensure your gate operates as it should, routinely check its path to remove debris.

Wheel Maintenance Needed For Cantilever Rollers

If your automatic gate uses cantilever rollers, it is possible your gate cannot close due to the wheels needing maintenance. To run properly, the cantilever rollers and wheel bearings must be checked to ensure they are well-lubricated and aligned on the track. If the rollers are not maintained, they will experience friction on the track that can lead to wear and tear that not only prevents the gate from functioning as it should but could also lead to costly repairs.

Control Board For Your Gate Operator

When your gate is not working, and all other physical suspects have been determined not to cause the issue, the culprit may be your control board. The situation might be as small as having to reset your system or could call for a full replacement. It is important to periodically check your control board to see if water or debris has accidentally leaked into the space where it is housed. If so, your unit will likely need to be replaced.

Whether you are experiencing the frustration of your gate not working as it should now or are just taking preventative steps to ensure it does not happen, we hope this article will help you solve the issue.

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