What Is An Exit Wand Or Gate Opening Sensor?

CP4 Self-Contained Free Exit System

You may have heard about a gate-opening sensor or probe but may not know what it means. After all, you may imagine something mythical from an epic fantasy book or movie when you think of a wand. However, while gate opener exit wands are less magical, they offer extra convenience when using a gate opener. Usually, a wand, probe, or vehicle sensor is wired to the gate opener control box and is used to sense when a vehicle crosses over it.

Why Do You Need An Exit Want For Your Gate Opener?

It would help if you had an exit wand for your gate opener because it not only offers the convenience of automatically opening your gate, but these exit wands usually include lightning protection and are resistant to heat. No longer will you need a key fob, keypad, or remote to enter your gate. This is a foolproof system for detecting cars since it uses the Earth’s magnetic field to detect your car. As your vehicle moves through the magnetic field, the exit wand detects this and suddenly causes your gate to open or close. The only downside of this system is that it will not detect cars when they are not in movement. However, for the most part, these systems are created to not detect false signals from animals or people since they only detect metal.

Popular Exit Wand System: Cartell GateMate Automatic Gate Opener Exit Wand Self-Contained Free Exit System

If you are looking for a complete exit wand system, the Cartell GateMate is a self-contained free exit system that lets visitors enter your gate automatically. It is made to work with universal voltage and functions with solar and powered gate openers. This model is easy to install and only needs you to trench the ½” PVC pipe beside the driveway where you will bury the Cartell GateMate.

Key Features:

  • Conduit-Ready Housing
  • 5 Wires Can Be Used As 3 Wire
  • Connect To Power Or Solar Gates
  • Universal Voltage AC and DC
  • Improved Heat Resistance
  • Cable Length: 100’
  • Enclosure Rating: IP67
  • Relay Contacts: SPDT, Floating, NO, Or NC

Gate Opening Sensors For Your Apollo Gate Openers

If you are looking for a compatible gate-opening sensor for your Nice Apollo gate opener, the CP4-100 Cartell GateMate is the exit wand you need. This exit wand protects against lightning and weather elements and is vandal-proof, so you can rest assured your gate will stay secure.

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