What Is A Fire Department Access Box?

In cases of emergency, like a fire, it is important that first responders can easily gain access to your business or property. This allows the proper personnel the chance to address the crisis in a timely manner and hopefully prevent extensive damage or injury from occurring. Granting access to emergency personnel like firefighters, police, and paramedics also means your building is spared from additional damage and the need for costly repairs that can be caused by forced entry.

So you might be wondering, how do you allow first responders easy entry to your facility in emergency situations if you are not on the property? The simple answer is a fire department access box by Knox Box.

What Is A Fire Knox Box?

A fire Knox Box is a unique box that is installed on the outside of schools, offices, and other buildings. This box holds a universal key that will open any door or gate on the facility’s grounds so that emergency responders can quickly enter any location on the property to address whatever emergency situation.

Can Anyone Get Into A Knox Box?

Only first responders can unlock your Knox Box. They are able to do so because the box is designed to work with their universal key that opens other businesses and facility Knox Boxs within the area. This allows you to have peace of mind that intruders or other unwanted individuals are not gaining access to your facility when no one is there. Unless the key is needed your Fire Knox Box is securely locked and the contents within it are safely guarded.

Please note that the lock that keeps your Knox Box secure is not provided with our units and must be purchased directly through knoxbox.com. When the lock is ordered they will design your Knox Box to work specifically with your local fire and police department key that will work with your box. Because Knox Box’s locks are designed to work with only certain keys that match your local emergency services key, a new lock will need to be ordered if you ever decide to change locations that are not within the same area.

In many cities, these boxes are a mandatory safety requirement. It is important to check with your local city to know what is required when installing your Knox Box and if there are any other safety measures you must take.

For more information on fire Knox Boxes please contact one of our helpful team members.

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