What Does The Second Button Do On The Nice Apollo Gate Receiver?

If you have seen or purchased a Nice Apollo 2-button receiver and transmitter, you may need to know what you can use the second button for. The second button on the gate transmitter is usually used to open another gate opener. The receiver also usually has only one button and an LED. This button is the programming key to program your receiver to the transmitter. The other minor part that may appear like a button is just the LED.

How Is A Nice Apollo Transmitter And Receiver Programmed

To program a transmitter, you will also need a compatible receiver.

  1. First, press the programming key or learn button on your receiver. This will then turn on the red LED indicator light.
  2. After this, you will hold the first or main primary button on your 2-button transmitter.
  3. Wait for the light to turn off on the receiver, and then you will release the transmitter button.
  4. After a second has passed, press the transmitter button again.
  5. This will cause the receiver light to blink three times, showing that the transmitter is programmed. Now, you are finished!

While the programming of the transmitter and receiver will be based on what is being programmed, these are basic instructions for the Nice transmitter remote and the Nice FLOX2R receiver.

What If The Battery Does Not Work On My Transmitter

If your Nice Apollo transmitter is not working as usual, this could be due to a faulty battery. Make sure that when you replace the battery, you respect the poles. Remember that once the battery is flat, dispose of it based on the local laws in your area. This is the most common problem with transmitters.

Nice Apollo 2-Channel Mini Transmitters INTI2

If you want to add more color to your life, these 2-channel mini transmitters from Nice Apollo come in five colors and are easy to add to your purse or keyring. They have a scratch-resistant coating that will help them look as good as new. With the Inti-enabling code exchange, you can program this transmitter with a transmitter you already have programmed to your receiver. It’s easy and saves you lots of time.

2-Button Transmitters and Receivers For Your Gate Opener

Whether you have a garage or gate, a 2-button transmitter could help you open multiple gates simultaneously. Just ensure you have a compatible receiver to go with your transmitter, and you are good to go.

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