What Does A Linear Actuator Do?

Titan Linear Gate Actuator

If you’ve been searching for a quick summary of how a linear actuator works, you have come to the right place. Linear actuators are created to place force on a swing gate. Usually, linear actuators are never used on slide gates. Instead, these, either electromechanical or hydraulic linear actuators, offer pull and push action going in the opposite direction of gate movement.

How Do Linear Actuators Exert Force On A Gate?

Linear actuators are attached near the hinge. This allows them to exert more force on a gate. For example, if you swing the gate manually by the end of the gate, you will experience a more difficult time moving it than moving the gate from the post it is attached to. A linear actuator acts in this way, which is why it starts moving the gate from the post position.

Do Angles Matter When Using A Linear Actuator?

Just like the positioning of a linear actuator matters, so does the angle of the linear actuator. The linear actuator should point toward the gate or can be parallel to the gate. While parallel to the gate is okay, the best position is when the actuator is facing the gate. On the other hand, if you choose for the linear actuator to point away from the gate, this causes your actuator to work harder by needing more force when moving the gate. You also may notice that after the stroke is completed, your gate will have a bouncing motion at the end. If this happens, it is most likely that your linear actuator is not in the correct placement and is not being used in the best capacity.

Not only is it essential for the actuator to have correct placement when the gate is closed, but it is also imperative for your gate to be in correct placement when it is open. Make sure your actuator is pointing toward the gate to allow for the correct gate placement.

Are Linear Actuators Safe For Use With Gates?

Linear actuators are some of the safest ways to open a swing gate. They are always in control of gate motions and are energy efficient, letting you save on your energy bill. Usually, linear actuators are paired with a control box that includes the control board. This part makes up the “brain” of the gate opener and is where you can connect additional safety devices or keypads.

Heavy-Duty Linear Actuators

Linear actuators can hold up to 1000 pounds for swing gates, so they hold quite heavy gates. Also, Nice Apollo gate openers come with a two-year manufacturer warranty and will last many years, thanks to their robust design. Find out more today!

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