What Battery Do I Need for My Nice Apollo Gate Opener?

Gate opener batteries are often listed as optional, but batteries are essential to your gate opener's or door opener's motor. Gate opener systems are hardwired to an AC power source but utilize a battery as a backup power source. Though used as a backup for when the AC power source fails or goes out, the battery or batteries are constantly operating. The battery stores energy that can power the operator should the power go out. Batteries are also an essential accessory for solar gate opener systems, as they collect and store the solar energy to power the gate opener.

However you use your gate opener's battery, you should know that they do not last forever. Let's look at which battery you will need for your Nice Apollo gate opener to keep operating when needed.

Replacement and Back-Up Batteries for Nice Apollo Gate Opener Systems

Nice Apollo Barrier Gate Battery

The LBAR and MBAR barrier gate opener models are 24V DC operators. These models are hardwired to an, but in case of a power failure or outage, they are compatible with an optional battery backup. The Nice Apollo PS224 is a 24V DC battery backup for LBAR and MBAR barrier gate openers.

Nice Apollo Slide Gate Batteries

Both the Nice Apollo SlideSmart and the 7200/7300 slide gate opener models are compatible with a 12VDC battery. However, the SmartSlide will require the Nice Hysecurity CNX Battery Backup or the Nice Hysecurity 8Ah Replacement Battery

The 7200 and 7300 models require different batteries based on if they are used with or without solar. The 12VD, 35Ah SLA/AGM Gate Opener Battery is used for non-solar units and the 12VD, 75Ah SLA/AGM Gate Opener Battery is used for solar units.

Nice Apollo Swing Gate Batteries

All of the Nice Apollo swing gate openers will utilize one or two 12VDC batteries, depending on the application. Similarly to the above slide gate models, using a solar kit will also determine which battery you need. If you have a non-solar gate opener system, you will need the 12VD, 35Ah SLA/AGM Gate Opener Battery. If you have a solar gate opener system, you will need the 12VD, 75Ah SLA/AGM Gate Opener Battery.

If you have any further questions about Apollo gate opener systems and any parts you may need, please visit our Resources Hub for informational and instructional content, explore our handy Part Finder, or reach out to our friendly sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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