Types Of Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are an easy and efficient way to secure your home or business entryways while also making them accessible to those who have permission to enter the property. There are a handful of different styles of automatic gates. Each one has unique features that make them perfect for certain applications. Below we have shared the five most popular styles of automatic gates and detailed some of their features that make each one stand out.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are arguably the most affordable style of automatic gate on the market. This style of automatic gate is incredibly affordable because it has so few moving parts and does not require a complicated installation process. Swing gates are a great option for both residential and commercial properties. However, for smaller spaces swing gates might not be the best option because the gate does require a large amount of moving room to allow for it to successfully open.

Slide Gates

Sliding gates are another popular option for both homeowners and property managers that are looking for a reliable gate for their entryways. This style of gate moves to the left or the right out of the way of the actual driveway. Due to this, slide gates are ideal for properties that have a limited amount of space. Slide gates are a better choice for facilities in need of high-level security as it is almost impossible for intruders to force the gate open compared to other models. A downside to slide gates is that they do require regular maintenance to ensure the track is clear to allow the gate to function as it should.

Bi-Folding Gates

An elevated version of the traditional swing gate, the bi-fold gate requires less clearance when opening and closing the gate. The bi-fold gate is unique because of its design. The gate is made up of vertical sections that are all connected by hinges. When the gate is opened the sections fold into one another, and when closed they recoil back out to form a solid gate. While this style of gate is also great for compact spaces it does require regular maintenance to keep all the extra moving parts in working order.

Vertical Lift Gates

For spaces that truly cannot spare the extra room, the vertical lift gate is the ideal choice for an automatic gate. This high-security style gate utilizes the empty air space to allow the gate to easily open and close without taking up any space on the ground. These gates are known for their ability to open and close quickly making them ideal for high-trafficked or high-security areas. Vertical lift gates are commonly installed in facilities like detention centers, airports, military bases, and fulfillment warehouses.

Barrier Arms

When security is not an issue, and the main goal is to prevent unwanted vehicle access, barrier arms are the perfect solution. Barrier arms will not prevent pedestrians from walking into the space but do an effective job of keeping cars and trucks out of certain areas. Barrier arms are often used in locations like parking lots, garages, and some gates communities.

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