Sliding Gate Versus Swing Gate

Whether you are considering purchasing a swing or sliding gate operator, the most important part is purchasing the most reliable model and seeing how much weight it can handle. After all, you do not want your gate to begin sagging because of an improper gate operator. While both choices have some key differences, swing and slide gate openers are reliable and safe when used correctly.

Slide Versus Swing Gate Operators

Slide Gate Operator Benefits

Slide gate operators are usually used for commercial properties, and there are many benefits to using this gate type. Some of these benefits include:

  • Uses smaller inward opening space
  • Can be installed in compact places
  • Longer gates will not sag as much with a sliding gate operator
  • Best option for sloping gates or gates on uneven ground
  • Less chance of hitting pedestrians standing next to gate

Swing Gate Operators

Swing gate operators are usually used in residential properties, and the gates that go along with these operators add a classical style to ornate hotels, houses, or other properties. Here are some of the positives of sliding gates:

  • Less moving parts and maintenance than sliding gates
  • May be more budget-friendly than a sliding gate due to not having a floor track
  • Offers more aesthetic styles of gates with classical designs
  • Some consider swinging gates safer for daycares and facilities with children; fewer places to get fingers caught

What Option Is Better: Swing Or Slide Gates?

Regarding which option is better, it is more based on your needs. If you own a luxurious hotel, a swinging gate will look harmonious with the rest of your décor and give a great first impression. If you are looking for an industrial gate, sliding gate operators can carry up to four thousand pounds in weight and are better on slopes or hilly areas. Therefore, the decision should be based on the usage of your gate operator. No matter what type of gate you have, Nice Apollo gate openers are made for heavy-duty use and have a manufacturer warranty that covers your operator for three years. Some of these operators are listed for UL325, a safety class that may be required for certain facilities.

If you’re looking for reliable gate operators, view our Nice Apollo gate operators selection. These operators are made with a heavy-duty chassis and have many powerful features.

Slide And Swing Gate Openers