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When choosing a gate opener, it’s essential to view durability as one of the main factors. After all, if a gate opener will not last many years, what is the point of making this large purchase? Choosing the wrong gate opener for your gate may cause excessive wear and tear to your opener and make it break down much faster. Nice Apollo gate openers are known as some of the most reliable in the industry. Most professional gate installers recommend Nice Apollo gate openers due to their durability.

What Is The Durability Of Nice Apollo Gate Openers?

For a well-maintained quality system, you can expect a gate opener to last at least 15 to 20 years. However, this number depends on how much a gate will be used. If you plan on using your gate heavily every day, you can expect it to last less than a residential gate opener system. But, if you plan on purchasing a Nice Apollo gate opener, these systems come in swing and sliding gate versions and can be bought in kits to offer more value at a reduced price.

Will Nice Apollo Gate Openers Work With Heavy Galvanized Steel Gates?

Since Nice Apollo gate openers are created for heavy-duty performance, they can open sliding gates up to 3,000 pounds and swing gates up to 1,300 pounds. So, even if your gate is heavy, a Nice Apollo gate opener can easily open it. Remember that if your gate weighs 1,000 pounds, it’s usually better to use a gate opener compatible with 1,300 pounds. This helps to ensure your gate opener is not using the maximum weight that may cause more wear and tear.

What Are The Average Weights For Residential Gates?

For most residential gates, galvanized steel gates will weigh around 500 pounds. Gate openers that can handle at least 600 pounds are a good solution for driveway gates.

Nice Apollo Gate Openers Reliability

If you are looking for a reliable gate opener, you will not find a model that is more reliable than Nice Apollo gate openers. Nice Apollo has been making gate openers for around thirty-nine years. They started in San Antonio, Texas, and continue creating high-quality weather-resistant gate openers.

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