Low-Voltage Gate Openers

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When considering voltage for a gate opener, some may think the higher, the better. However, there are some significant advantages to choosing a low-voltage gate opener. Not only do these gate openers usually have a cooler operation, but they also can be a more compact size than higher voltage models. Lower voltage models could be ideal if you are looking for an efficient gate operator.

Operating And Input Voltage

When looking at gate openers, you may notice operating and input voltage options. The input voltage refers to what you feed into the power source to make it function. On the other hand, operating voltage refers to the maximum voltage the gate opener can give you, even if the input varies by about 5 percent. For example, suppose you use a device rated with a 12DC or 24VDC input voltage and choose to connect a wire to make it operational. Even if the input voltage changes, the motor can still function with slight variations. The input voltage should stay in a range for the gate opener to function close to the operating voltage.

Difference Between VDC And VAC Voltage

VDC is the voltage of DC. DC is known as direct current and only flows in one direction, while AC (alternating current) can change direction. VDC can be measured with volts. VAC is a measurement describing the strength of the alternative electric field and can calculate the flow of electrons in AC systems.

Does Voltage Matter In Gate Openers?

When running wiring to electric gates, most professionals recommend using 24VDC. This low-voltage gate opener option provides more safety and is not more expensive than 230VAC counterparts. There is also an option on your control board for accessory power. Accessory power is usually at 12VDC and is used to connect your photo eyes, keypads, or anything else you may need to add to your gate opener. Before purchasing additional accessories, you should verify that your accessories are compatible with your gate operator. Additionally, voltage drops experienced at 12V will be less significant if using 24V.

What Is Considered Low Voltage?

Depending on the device, low voltage can be subjective. However, for gate openers, low voltage for the motor is considered at 24VDC, and for the input voltage, it is set at 115VAC. These are the standard gate opener voltages you will find for various operators. Mostly, residential gates usually have a single phase and 115VAC input voltage.

Low-Voltage Gate Opener Options

If you are looking for the ideal low-voltage gate opener, Nice Apollo gate openers offer many slide and swing gate openers that will fit your voltage requirements. Many include a battery backup and compatible photo eyes to complete your gate setup.

Low-Voltage Gate Openers