Keypad Vs. Transmitter Gate Access

Although there are many methods on the market to open your gate, it may be confusing to understand which is better for you. After all, telephone entry systems, proximity readers, keypads, and transmitters can all help you access a gate rapidly. But, if you’re still struggling to pick the right access method, two of the most popular are transmitters and access control keypads.

What Are Access Control Keypads?

Access control keypads enable you to set sometimes up to 500 codes to access a gate or door. They are helpful if letting tenants into an apartment or other multi-home unit. These are especially useful if you don’t want to carry around a key in your pocket or fear individuals accessing your home may lose keys handed to them, costing you and them extra money. But, even if you prefer using a key, most wireless keypads have the option of purchasing a key to use with the unit. Some access control keypads, such as the Wireless Digital Keypad w/ Receiver (500 code), are solar-friendly and can function with a solar gate operator. Therefore, keypads are a great option if you allow multiple people access to the area inside the gate.

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What Are Transmitters For Gate Access?

On the other hand, a transmitter is a more straightforward device that works the same as a garage door opener. The transmitter can go anywhere, such as inside your car, purse, briefcase, or any place you’ll need it to open your gate. Some transmitters are multi-channel and can control more than one gate. Transmitters are more suited to residential homes but can also work in industrial settings. However, if you own an apartment complex or other large building, access control keypads are a better option for allowing several people into a building.

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Access Control Keypad Versus Transmitter

If you’re looking for the best solution for controlling your gate, both transmitters and access control keypads are great. But, if you’re unsure, this is a quick comparison.

Transmitter Access Keypad
For Use In Gated Community Or Residential Home For Use In Multi-Tenant Apartment Or Industrial Settings
Available In Multiple Color Options Usually Made From Heavy Metal And Powder-Coated
Some Models Control Up To 4-Channels Can Program Up To 500 User Codes
Available Solar Packages Available Solar Packages

Other Options For Gate Control

If these two options are still not what you are looking for, you can choose several other gate access devices. For example, the Request To Exit Wireless Push Button Post, is used to allow simple access by pressing a button for gates where high security is not required.

If you have any additional questions about transmitters or access keypads for your gate, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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