How Well Does A Solar Powered Gate Opener Work?

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Suppose you have been on the fence about purchasing a solar-powered gate opener. In that case, there are many reasons why using a solar panel with your gate opener may be better than just an average electric gate opener. While one is not better than the other or vice-versa, solar-powered gate openers may be better if your gate opener is in a remote area or someplace where running wires to your gate opener is not possible.

How Do Solar Gate Openers Work?

A battery powers a solar gate opener. These batteries will take power from the solar panel attached to your gate opener. That is why solar gates are used in remote areas such as farmlands, national forests, and large industrial areas. The best part about solar gate openers is that they are easier to install than standard electric gate openers. No wiring is required!

Are Electric Gates More Expensive Than Solar Gates?

Since electric gates require an outlet, you need a power source near the gate opener if you choose to power it this way. Finding the best way to wire it can be complicated if your gate is further away from the power grid. Along with this, electric gates can be more susceptible to power outages. You will lose all power if you do not have a battery backup with your gate opener. The best part is that solar gate openers hold power in the battery, so if the solar panel no longer receives sunlight, your gate opener should still work until it receives sunlight again.

Electric gates may be slightly more expensive than solar-powered gates. This is due to the wiring and the added cost to your electricity bills. Sometimes, solar panels and other additional accessories may be more expensive than the initial cost of buying a gate opener, but long-term solar-powered gate openers usually cost less. Solar gate openers usually cost less than electric gate openers.

Power Sources For Solar Powered Gate Openers

Solar-powered gate openers usually use (DC) direct current, which describes how electrons flow in one direction. On the other hand, some electric gate openers use an alternating current (AC). This current sometimes reverses direction. DC can be more efficient since it only moves in one direction. However, AC is typical in homes, so you can use existing outlets to power your electric gate opener.

Do DC Solar Gate Openers Require Lots Of Maintenance?

The only maintenance you’ll need for a solar-powered gate opener is sometimes cleaning the solar panels. Use water and mild soap to clean the solar panels with a soft sponge every few months, and your gate opener should work great. On the other hand, with an electric gate, you may need a professional to check the wiring regularly.

Solar Powered Openers For Your Gate

If you are still contemplating using a solar gate opener and are unsure what solar panel or gate opener you need, view our large selection or speak with a sales representative today. We will help you find the right gate opener for your situation.