How Much Do Automatic Gates Cost?

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Despite commercial slide and swing gate operators appearing expensive, they are more affordable than you think. After all, if you rely on a manual gate to protect your outdoor space, it can be aggravating to open and close the gate manually every time. Picture leaving work after a long day and needing to open and close a heavy iron gate. After a while, this could get tiring, and human error could one day allow the gate to stay unlocked, allowing intruders to enter your industrial building without much struggle. The better answer to this dilemma is purchasing a slide or swing gate operator.

How Much Do Commercial Slide Gate Operators Cost?

Most slide gate openers start at two thousand dollars and increase from there. Depending on the features you need and the weight of the gate, you may require a more expensive gate operator. Some industrial complexes prefer a slide gate operator because they can be installed in smaller spaces and do not need as much inward space as a swing gate. Also, consider what you would like to connect to a slide gate operator. If you prefer connecting retroreflective photo eyes, ensure your slide gate operator is compatible and has a slot on the control board for these accessories.

How Much Do Commercial Swing Gate Operators Cost?

If you prefer a commercial swing gate operator, these openers start at one thousand dollars and can increase from there. Slide gate operators let your gate move inwardly and open gates at various speeds. Similarly to slide gate operators, the price of a swing gate operator varies based on features and the weight of the gate it can move. Some swing operators have free accessories like photo eyes, receivers, and aerial antennas. Also, most swing gate operators, especially those from Nice Apollo, have a manufacturer warranty to ensure your operator works for a certain amount of time.

Swing Versus Slide Gate Openers

Instead of deciding based on price, you should look towards your desired features. Do you need an operator for a specific type of gate? Are you searching for an operator that will open a select leaf size of a gate? Is there a feature you cannot imagine not having? Consider all these questions before opening a gate operator.

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