How Do Solar Panels Save You Money?

Apollo Solar Panel with Linear Actuator

When it comes to gate openers, you may be looking for the best way to save money – especially if you are looking for a residential gate opener. If your gate opener is compatible, adding a solar panel is the key to helping you save some extra cash on your electricity bill. Solar panels help the environment and provide a more straightforward installation process without problematic wiring.

The Pros Of Using Solar Panels For Your Gate Opener:

No Loss Of Power With Power Outages

Using solar panels for your gate opener is cost-effective and allows you not to worry about power outages in your area. Most of the time, gate openers, unless they have a backup battery, can fail due to power outages in the area due to inclement weather or other conditions. With solar gate openers, the power comes from a solar cell in your solar panel and is transported to your control panel. The excess electricity is placed in a solar battery. If the power ever goes out, you can utilize whatever is in the solar battery.

Easy Installation Process For Solar Panels

When you install a solar gate opener, the installation process is usually much easier than a standard electric gate opener. No electrician must install solar gates since solar gate openers run on above-ground energy.

Save Your Money With Solar Gate Panels

Solar panels are also cost-effective. Since the gate opener will only run off the power generated from the solar panels, you will not need to worry about additional costs to your electric bill.

Solar Gate Openers Are Great For Remote Areas

Are you trying to install your gate in a remote area? If so, a solar gate opener is the ideal solution. No longer will you need to worry about where your gate opener will get power from. Instead, you can relax and open the gate for those with access.

Solar Panels For Your Automatic Gate Opener

If you’re wondering how to make your gate opener solar-compatible, you can easily do this with a solar-compatible gate opener and a solar panel. There are various solar panels for your needs, including 10, 20, and 30-watt solar panels. Please find out more about our solar panels and compatible gate openers today.