How Do I Give Automatic Gate Access to Emergency Personnel?

Automatic gates are designed only to allow access to authorized personnel. Who is authorized is up to you, but what happens in cases of emergency? Providing automated gate access to emergency personnel, like firefighters, police, and paramedics, will allow them to address the situation quickly, even if you can not open the gate for them. Whether you are unable to or not present to open the gate, the safest and least destructive solution is to install a Knox Box.

What Is A Knox Box?

A Knox Box is a small, usually red, metal box installed on the exterior side of a gate or door. It provides a key, card, or transmitter that allows quick access to properties or buildings for emergency personnel. These boxes are locked with Knox Locks, which can only be unlocked with a Knox Lock key, which all city emergency vehicles are equipped with.

Who Can Gain Emergency Access?

Only emergency personnel can unlock your Knox Lock. These keys are only issued to first responders for your safety. You must purchase a personal Knox Box key from, as they will issue a key and lock that correspond with your local fire and police departments' key. It is a universal key that can open any gate or door equipped with a Knox Lock in your city, which will contain a spare key or remote transmitter for them to gain access to your property.

Where Can I Get A Knox Box Key?

Knox Box keys differ by city limits. Thus, you must order a lock and key from to correspond with the keys your city's emergency personnel will have. In many cities, a Knox Box is a mandatory safety requirement; check your city's requirements.

Get A Knox Box Key

If you have any further questions about Knox Boxes, please reach out to our sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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