Can My Gate Be Used During A Power Outage?

Nice Apollo swng gate opening

When the power goes out, it can be extremely frustrating that you are not able to use everyday items around your house like you usually do, like your fridge, television, or light fixtures. In most cases, the power will turn on within a few minutes to even within an hour or two, so you are able to go about using them as usual. However, when the power is out for an extended period of time, you will have to adapt to how to do everyday tasks. One new way of doing things you might not have considered is how you will open and close your automatic gate.

Unless you have converted your automatic gate operator to work on solar power, the system is fully reliant on a power source to open and close the gate. Luckily, all automatic gate systems, both sliding and swing, can be manually used when the power is out or if there is an equipment failure. Manually operating your automatic gate will not damage the system if done properly.

Below we have provided a basic step-by-step on how to manually open an automatic gate operator during a power outage or when the system might have failed. However, each gate system might require different steps on how to manually open it during such situations; so, to ensure you are properly operating the system please reference the gate operator’s manual to see which steps should be taken. These notes should be in the manual's “emergency vehicle access” section.

How To Manually Open Your Gate

  • Make sure power is off
  • If a generator or other second power supply is connected switch that off as well
  • Release the actuator mechanical release by disconnecting the actuator from the gate bracket
  • The gate will now freely open and close
  • When power returns or the system is fixed reconnect the actuator and restore the power to the operator

For more information on how to properly use your automatic gate operator during power outages or other system failures please contact one of our dedicated sales representatives.

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