BlueBUS For Apollo Gate Openers

What is BlueBUS?

Nice BlueBUS safety devices, available for Apollo Gate Openers systems, make installation and adjusting easy. Its key features include no polarity and the use of only two wires. BlueBUS technology allows all devices to be automatically connected to the control unit through the BlueBUS network. Essentially, the BlueBUS system allows you to daisy chain multiple safety devices from two wires connected from one device to the control board.


Devices that are BlueBUS include various control boards, controllers, keypads, photo eyes or photocells, and transmitters. With the exception of one BlueBUS device wired to a BlueBUS-compatible control board, multiple BlueBUS devices can be daisy-chained. This limits the number of connections made directly to the control board. The polarity of the connection made between a device and the control board does not matter, nor does the parallel connections made between paired devices or another safety device.

BlueBUS Compatible Devices & Units

Photo Eyes

Photo eyes are the most popular BlueBus safety devices. A variety of photo eye models are available, including reflective, through beam, surface mounted, automatically synchronized, fixed, or adjustable transmitters and receivers. All photo eyes meet UL 325 requirements, are anti-glare, and are housed in a weather-resistant enclosure.


BlueBUS keypads are also popular. Keypads are 100% wireless and will connect to the control board through the BlueBUS network. These are made of strong metal, are back-lit, have 12 keys, and have the capacity for three channels for three automated systems or three commands for one automated system.


BlueBUS compatible transmitters or remotes are all ERA series transmitters. Transmitters or remotes are entirely wireless and can be programmed to the control board as it normally would and will join the BlueBUS network. These transmitters vary in color, number of channels, frequencies, and unit combination.

Controllers & Control Boards

BlueBUS-compatible control boards and controllers are of the following series: Mercury 310, Mercury 936, Mercury 1050, BCU1, HySecurity, and SmartCNX.

BlueBUS Controller & Control Boards

If you have any further questions about BlueBUS devices or the BlueBUS system, please contact our friendly sales representatives.

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