Apollo Gate Opener Keeps Opening And Closing

Titan Actuator On Ornamental Gate

Is your gate opener malfunctioning and not working correctly? If you notice opening and closing that should not be happening, various factors could be affecting operation. First of all, all Nice Apollo gate operators are different, so one solution may not work for all of them, but no matter what gate opener you have, some common issues could affect why it continues to open or close.

Limit Switches Fails To Work Due To Broken Actuator

No matter what gate operator you have, you usually have a limit switch on some part of the operator. This limit switch sets how far your gate will open and when it will close. Limit switches sometimes also function as sensors that know when something is near the gate. Limit switches usually dictate when the actuator moves and how it moves. Actuators come in many shapes, including arms, knobs, rollers, levels, and plungers. The actuator is connected to a set of contacts. When an object meets the actuator, the device follows specific rules set by the owner of the gate operator. If your limit switches are not working as they should, it could be a damaged actuator.

The DIP Switches Are Malfunctioning

A DIP switch on a gate opener is a series of compacted buttons in a single unit. This is where you can toggle specific settings or operating modes on your gate opener. Dip switches are inside gate operator remotes and gate openers. Ensure these dip switches are working as they should, as this could be the problem.

Radio Frequencies May Alter Your Gate Opener

Some gate openers function by radio frequency and have problems with interference affecting their operation. For example, if you have car radios or sometimes holiday lights around your gate operator, these could make your gate open and close randomly due to a radio signal confusing the gate opener. To stop this issue, ensure your gate operator is far from other radio frequency devices.

Loop Detector Does Not Work

As you may know, if you are trying to follow UL325 safety regulations, you will need safety devices to go around your gate operator. However, if you use a loop detector, these devices function by seeing if they can detect metals through inductance. If you set the sensitivity of your loop detector too high, any metal that crosses over the wire from the loop detector will trigger the detection field and open or close your gate. Ensure you have correctly set up your loop detector and other safety devices when using your gate operator.

Troubleshooting Your Gate Operator

As you can see, there are many reasons why your gate operator may malfunction. Remember always to check your dip switches, limit switches, actuators, radio frequencies, and safety devices first. If these all work correctly, refer to the manual with your gate operator. If all else fails, contact a professional.

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