Nice Apollo Motor for Gen 2 M7BAR

Specifically designed for the second generation M7BAR, this motor provides robust power and reliability for automated gate operation.
Part Number: SPMTG10600
$667.77 each
$667.77 each


Nice Apollo Motor for Gen 2 M7BAR

The Nice Apollo Motor for the second generation M7BAR is a powerful and reliable component that ensures robust power and efficiency for automated gate operation. This motor is specifically designed to handle the demands of the M7BAR system, providing consistent performance even in high-usage scenarios. Made from high-quality materials, the motor is built for durability and long-term reliability, capable of withstanding operational stresses and environmental factors. Easy to install, the motor integrates seamlessly with the Gen 2 M7BAR system, providing a straightforward solution for maintaining optimal functionality. By providing robust power and reliable performance, the motor enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of your gate system, ensuring smooth and trouble-free operation.


  • Designed for Gen 2 M7BAR
  • Provides robust power
  • Ensures smooth gate operation
  • Reliable performance
Name Nice Apollo Motor for Gen 2 M7BAR
Manufacturer Nice Apollo Gate Operators
Condition New
Price $667.77