EMX Retro-Reflective Photo Eye Kit With Hood- IRB-RET2

With a range of up to 60 feet and an integrated sensor hood, the new retro-reflective photo eye from EMX makes installation simpler than ever. It is compatible with a variety of gate openers and has 6 UL325 monitoring methods.
Part Number: IRB-RET2

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EMX Retro-Reflective Photo Eye Kit With Hood- IRB-RET2

The IRB-RET2 Retro-reflective Photo Eye is a brand-new compact version of the well-known photo eye. A ball and socket bracket, a reflector extension bracket, and six UL325 monitoring techniques are all included in this American-made photo eye. The new design has a hassle-free alignment LED; the red light flashes quicker as alignment progresses, and when it becomes steady, it indicates that perfect alignment has been found. This kit version comes with the hood with the built-in sensor, simplifying the setup. Installation is far more versatile than with other photo eyes because the operational range can reach up to 60 feet. Thanks to its flexible monitoring methods, the IRB-RET2 is compatible with a variety of gate openers.

Key Features:

  • 6 UL325 Monitoring Methods
  • Type B1, Non-Contact Sensor
  • Operating Range Is Up To 60 Ft.
  • Sensitivity Is Adjusted By Potentiometer
  • Universal Mounting Bracket (Works With Older Models)
  • Has Every Component Necessary For Installation
  • Alignment LED
  • Integrated Sensor Hood
  • Ball And Socket Bracket
  • Reflector Extension Bracket Is Included
  • Selectable STEALTH MODE (LEDs Turn Off When 30 Minutes Of Unobstructed Alignment Occur)

Monitoring Methods

  • Normally Closed
  • 10K Resistive Termination
  • Two-Wire Pulsed (2 Frequency)
  • Two-Wire Pulsed (3 Frequency)
  • Four-Wire Pulsed (2 Frequency)
  • Four-Wire Pulsed (3 Frequency)
Manufacturer Nice Apollo Gate Operators
Condition New
Color Black