SlideSmart CNX Parts

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Part Diagram Hy5B™ 2.0 Fully Automatic Vehicle Detector - MX4125 Hysecurity Gate Opener SmartCNX Replacement Controller - MX5184 Gate Opener Control Board Front Cover Assembly - MX4465  #40 Chain 26T Sprocket - MX4364 Hysecurity 8Ah Replacement Battery Kit (2 x 8AH x 12V Batteries) - MX002008 Nice HySecurity Motor Drive Module Replacement Kit - MX5185 36V Switch Selectable Power Supply - MX4409 Target Magnet Assembly For SlideSmart CNX - MX4430 Long Target Sensor - MX4329-02 Idler Assembly For SlideSmart CNX - MX4280 Rear Cover Assembly For SlideSmart CNX - MX4470 Idler Assembly For SlideSmart CNX - MX4280 Gearbox For SlideSmart CNX - MX3925 Short Target Sensor - MX4329-01 Brushless DC Motor - MX4407 Expansion Board Module Kit For Smart CNX Openers - MX4410 Nice HySecurity I/O Expansion Board Module Replacement Kit For SmartCNX Openers - MX5183
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