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SOS-X Siren-Operated Sensor

SOS-X Siren-Operated Sensor
The new SOS-X siren-operated sensor allows emergency responders to get through gates without delay. Forget the hassle of keypads, keys, radio frequencies, or ramming into gate. The SOS-X is the newest model available for purchase.

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In an emergency, the most important commodity is time. The new SOS-X siren-operated sensor allows emergency responders to pass through gates without delay by eliminating the step of punching codes, finding keys or ramming into the gate. This YELP siren opens gates within 2.8 seconds after it detects a siren and it features a five-year manufacturer's warranty as well as a hinged door for access to its control board.


• LED Indicator Light
• Longer And Sturdier Enclosure
• Adjustable Siren Sensitivity
• 5-year Manufacturer's Warranty
• Hinged Door For Easy Access To Control Board
• Unique Mounting Feet For Quick, Easy Installation
• Easy Installation And Post-Mounting Via Enclosure Flexibility
• America’s Most Widely Used Emergency Gate Access System
• Expedites Process Of Accessing Area For Emergency Responders


• Voltage: 9-30V AC/DC
• Temperature Range: -30° To 120° F
• Dimensions: 6.5" (H) X 3.5"(W) X 2.5" (D)
• Accepts 18-22 AWG Stranded Wire (Not Included)

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Manufacturer SOS
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SOS-X Siren-Operated Sensor