Nice Moon Digital Keypad (MOTB)

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Replaced with the Wireless Era Digital Keypad

Our MOTB series keypad is stylish, safe, easy to use, and easy to install! It utilizes the latest in Blue Bus connection technology. Hook up your keypad with a mere two wires.

Nice Moon Digital Keypad

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  • Nice Moon Digital Keypad



This product has been discontinued and replaced by the Nice Apollo EDSWG Wireless Era Digital Keypad

Gain opening access to your gate with the MOTB Nice Moon digital switch! This 12-key digital selector utilizes Blue Bus connection technology and permits authorized staff access.

Install your stylish keypad with a mere two wires! The advanced Blue Bus technology makes connection that simple, while the keypad code learning process ensures your unit will learn an unmistakable code. This guarantees maximum safety in order to prevent fraudulent attempts to replace the device.

Exclusive Functions
The MOTB has two keys to activate two different commands. It has two programming modes: Easy and Professional.
In Easy mode, it is possible to enter two different combinations.
In Professional mode, it is possible to enter several combinations.

Memory Capacity
1 BM1000 - contains a maximum of 255 combinations.
Memory is removable and can be programmed with the aid of the Nice O-Box and MOU programming units.

Working Temperature
-20°C to +55°C

Class III

The keyboard admits acoustic tones when numbers are entered.

Two different visual indicators indicate automation status. Red indicates the automation is closed or is in the closing process. Green indicates that the gate is opening or when the automation block function is active.

80 x 70 x 30 mm


Additional Information

Solar Package Yes
Manufacturer Nice Apollo Gate Operators
Condition New
Warranty Two Year Manufacture Limited Warranty